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Customized color,design,measurements to fit!
Most dresses size can be made up to Canada,USA 44/United Kingdom,New Zealand,Ireland,Australia 52/Europe 74.

lace with sleeves gothic plus size wedding dresses

We mainly supply the wedding dresses(plus size,gothic,beach,lace,with sleeves,chiffon,satin,simple,casual,unique etc) and prom dresses(plus size,white,black,white,green,blue,purple etc).

We do support the custom measurements orders,without any additional cost,you just need to pay the standard size cost.

Our size range is from Canada,USA 2/United Kingdom,New Zealand,Ireland,Australia6/Europe 32,up to Canada,USA 44/United Kingdom,New Zealand,Ireland,Australia 52/Europe 74.

We also accept custom design and color orders.You should contact us before making the orders.

No need addtional cost to pay for the custom design/color orders.

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